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The Fore & Roar Lounge

Golf Simulators at the PCC are currently OPEN.

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Please read carefully before booking online:

  • Our current online booking system is not able to process electronic refunds.  If you must cancel, this may be done online.  Your refund can be dealt with in two ways: 1)The Treasurer issues you a refund or 2)you can be rebooked at a later date at no charge.  Refunds for same day cancellations will be reviewed on a case by case basis.
  • Rescheduling to a different date using the online system can be done at no charge.

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Welcome to the Pembroke Curling Centre’s Golf Simulator Facility.

Our mission is to provide the local and surrounding community with a quality and fun indoor golfing experience.

Book for yourself or with a group, enjoy golf on a famous course and a beverage in our lounge.

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To maintain the quality of golf simulators for all to enjoy, please respect the following:

  • Ensure your golf clubs are clean
  • DO NOT play with dirty, marked, or damaged balls – they will mark or damage the impact screen
  • DO NOT step on the hitting area – it is sitting on foam!
  • Use Bir-Tee tees only! These are available for purchase at the club.
  • Wear indoor footwear - outdoor shoes should left at the main door. This avoids transfer of dirt & debris to the ice surface 

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The PCC is pleased to announce that we have upgraded and added a second simulator. We are still using the Unekoor EYE XO launch monitors and GSPro. These are among the best in the industry. The EYE XO is an overhead launch monitor that has dual super-speed cameras and infrared sensors which requires no ball markings. It captures club data, ball data and images. The simulators provide an exceptional user experience and analytical data on each shot. There are hundreds of courses to choose from.

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How can the Golf Simulator Facility be used?

  1. Improving Your Game

The golf software captures and records every shot. Club data, launch angle, ball speed, club head speed, even video of your club hitting the ball. This allows you to review a shot and work on improving and perfecting your swing – something that you can’t do on the range or the course!

Recommended booking time: We recommend booking 1 hour to work on your skills

  1. Playing a Round

We have a selection of more than 100 courses from around the world to choose from. New ones being created and added regularly. You and a friend or foursome can play full 18 or any selection of holes on of these great courses.

Recommended booking times:

A full round takes about 45 mins to 1:15 mins per player based on handicap, course yardage and difficulty.

Number of


Number of Holes:




1 hour

2 hours


2 hours

4 hours





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